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Barbecue mixes the meal is very welcome between the youth food. Especially present undergraduate, in the school when mix via often can eating roast meat meal. Barbecue mixes the flavour of the rice served with meat and vegetables on top that the flavour of the meal and we take at ordinary timesForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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It is completely different, the biggest distinction is barbecue mixes be being put among the meal is condiment more, flavour more accord with now the undergraduate’s requirement. So, does Brazilian barbecue mix what is the practice of the meal after all?

 Brazilian barbecue mixes the practice of the meal

Barbecue mixes the practice of the meal

Material: Gallinaceous brisket, rice

Complementary makings: The round green, bean sprouts, omelette, makings that feed the flesh, salt, Zi like that thick chili sauce of type of oil, Han


Flesh of 1. chicken breast uses the makings that feed the flesh and mincing round green to bloat 10 minutes or so, put on the big stick in oven (can turn to bake the sort of) ;

2. is brushed go up Zi like that the oily, Zi that hits Zi into the pink, oil that use heat to irrigate make it like that like that oily flavour exceeds it is sweet, good to be brushed on pigeon breast flesh the oven with be put into warm-up oily, good, fluctuation with 250 degrees

The fleshy incision that 3. has baked looks inside whether ripe, like to eatShanghai night net

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A bit searer, can bake make time a bit longer, bean sprouts that will get ready uses Shui Chao to reserve, decoct an egg reserves, still have round green mincing, and the rice meal; with very appetizing evaporate

4. is in rice is to put a few oil, pigeon breast meat that will baked mincing, mix mincing circle green, flesh of bean sprouts, chicken breast, round green ordinal shop is on rice, go up Han Shi thick chili sauce, still have omelette, .

 Brazilian barbecue mixes the practice of the meal

The making material of barbecue recipe:

Advocate makings: Beef (fertilizer is thin) 500 overcome

Condiment: Ginger juice 40 grams, green Chinese onion 150 grams, gourmet powder 5 grams, caraway 50 grams, bai Sha candy 25 grams, yellow rice or millet wine 10 grams, balm 30 grams, soy 75 overcome

The characteristic of barbecue:

Choose makings is strict, fleshy tender smell is sweet, bake oneself feed oneself, local color is distinctive.

The practice of barbecue:

1.Had chosen the flesh, want first eliminate flesh muscle, put inside refrigeratory or glacial ark again refrigerant go again section, when cutting, brim of take out of will freezing flesh is mixed fleshy head, piece go cloud skin (a film that is added on the flesh namely) , gristle and not the muscle film with clean get rid of, remain the most delicate fleshy nucleus;

2.Next the horizontal stroke is put on chopping block, the calico on the lid, right shows 1 centimeter wide flesh piece, left hand the five fingers and approach is made the same score ahead put, palmar impaction flesh piece with lid cloth, prevent slip;

3.The right hand holds a knife, joint of clingy left hand big toe leaves a sword, if be pulled back and forth like be locked in a seesaw struggle,cut;

4.When the ply in part that cuts the flesh when every knife, on half when already will cut, with edge a batch, fold cutlet below, continue to be cut after all again, make everyLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum
The flesh becomes two 50% discount, also can cut a; of cutlet of the floriated that be like dig

 Brazilian barbecue mixes the practice of the meal

5.Flesh of every 250 grams can be cut 20 centimeters long, 5 centimeters wide cutlet 40 reach 50, aspic flesh can cut Dan Bing only 30 reach 40, the flesh that cuts asks to grow 18Shanghai night net

A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city
Centimeter, wide 4.5

Centimeter, thickForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Thin degree cannot exceed 0.3 centimeters of;

6.the flesh orderly code is entered dish in;

7.Roast meat barbecue child after burning heat, brush; with unripe end oil

8.Next, juice of soy, yellow rice or millet wine, ginger, white sugar, gourmet powder, sesame-seed oil, in can adding an egg to be put in the bowl together smooth;

9.the cutlet that has cutNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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In putting condiment a bit dip;

10.The green silk that immediately will cut is put in barbecue to roast meat child on, put the sliced meat with nice dip on green silk again, the side side that bake uses tailor-made big bamboo chopstick (50 centimeters long) flip through;

11.Green silk is baked soft hind, the flesh and green lay open, put cut grow 1.32 centimeters caraway paragraph, continue to flip through;

12.When waiting for the flesh to show purple, fill dish medium

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