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Our country each district is having different wine culture, and the making raw material of wine is different also, what big the daily life of a family sees is food liquor and wine, and bamboo wine does not know everybody has heard of, the cent of the process that make of bamboo wine is a few respects, and the most important is to should choose superior bamboo canister as the tool, let wine brew in what 3 years pass at least in bamboo canister next, draw natural and roric essence at the same time, form finally sweet sweet bamboo wine.

The making process of bamboo wine

Bamboo wine is to be in when Nan bamboo grows to shape, go in wine fill through special technology and method, let bamboo and wine grow together again next, it is the bamboo slip wine of former zoology, did not pass any of reconditioning and treatment.

1. bamboo wine

Just as its name implies is the wine that grows in bamboo, call bamboo Lin Tianlou, be one1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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The fund is sweeter than liquor, purer, more wine tastes the former ecology health of environmental protection.

2. brief introduction:

Bamboo wine is one kind is produced from Fujian the hill of 1000 meters of altitude1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Classify, installing with bamboo slip kind come out, the colour and lustre that become wine is golden, vinosity fragrance is sweet full-bodied, alcohol and Gan Shuang, the food of former zoology high end with long aftertaste, and pure green of 0 pollution, so wine of Fujian bamboo slip, call bamboo Lin Tianlou again. Make the watery wine that make with bamboo slip, flavour returns the United States than making the watery wine that give from the wine in earthy altar, not only sweet, and can make the person produces the feeling with a kind of frank the whole body1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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. It is men and women loves drinkable traditional drink.

The making process of bamboo wine

3. makes a method:

Bamboo wine is direct when bamboo or bamboo shoot seedling infuse classy broomcorn wine oar, through 3 years the nature of time brews and draw natural and roric essence, ability considers giving present bamboo forest day alcoholic drink mixed with fruit juice, namely the bamboo slip wine that common weighs, true bamboo slip wine passes 3 years to plant so namelyA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Come out. After the bamboo slip wine of finished product opens bamboo slip to build, the wine smell with sweet alcohol is tangy and come, floating in the air making a person is intoxicated, quite wine did not enter the mouth the person’s intoxicated already feeling.

Bamboo wine is stockaded village of fierce grand fairy and Fujian Fujian north a kind of peculiar earth1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Special local product, the process that make is lengthy and complex, crop is few. Before fierce grand county did not discover fairy stockaded village, brew of fierce grand bamboo all the time not by common people witting, the home is in local small number of people to have Zhulinzhong oneself, choose one person’s tall superior bamboo shoot, the pure maize wine that wine of oneself earth kitchen makes, pure buckwheat wine or simple rice wine, in using bright bamboo of inject means infuse, make its bamboo natural grow 3 years above, chop again pick come home to hold liquor of celestial being bamboo altar cellar deposit. When there is very rare visitor to come in the home, ability drinks this kind of host to brew celestial being bamboo oneself, solid belong to rare world curiosa. Bamboo brew 3 years only then into, hold altar cellar deposit, tao Tan, sweet wave 18 turns. Its color is appeared like amber, glittering and translucent get rid of, relaxed and Zhu Xiangnong gloomy, sterling.

The making process of bamboo wine

Sanitarian action

The gender averages increase of liver of warm stomach, easy lienal, invigorate the circulation of blood enrichs the blood, suitable gas feeds kind of effect that promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid except irritated, disappear.

Component of bamboo convention nutrition includes content of the moisture, energy, thick albumen, crude fat, thick ash content, soak that do not have nitrogen and crude fibre, its contain a lot of7 kinds of 18 kinds of amino acid, vitamins, kind brass, β – polysaccharide of carotene, bamboo, exceed oxide branch to change enzymatic (a variety of alkaloid such as glucoside of alkaline, lotus leaf mix SOD) , chlorophyll, prandial fiber, lotus leaf organic acid, and the organization of body of adult of 18 kinds of compose such as potassium, calcic, magnesian, iron, copper, zinc, manganese, phosphor, natrium, chloric, Selenium, iodic, germanium, silicon, microelement that maintains place of metabolization of physiology function, biochemistry to need.

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Its nutrition is rich, tie-in and reasonable, the praise highly that all through the ages is reached by nutrient division. Have fight freedom radical admirably, fight oxidation, fight radiation, fight exhaustion, fight consenescence, fall bacterium of hematic fat, curb, enhance immunity the biologic effect such as blood-vessel of head of heart of force, protection.

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