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Every place has his distinctive fastfood cate, the ground rice soup south Fujian is most get authority gay a kind of cate, and in daily life, a lot of people are brought up from fastfood ground rice soup, to them ground rice soup is having the memory of childhood happiness in brain, ground rice soup is made actually also is very simple, but to at ordinary times the person of not very practice will tell, the likelihood is more difficult, the ground rice austral NaminShanghai noble baby

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What is the practice of soup?

What is the practice of soup of the ground rice austral Fujian?

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The practice of soup of the ground rice austral Fujian


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1. ginger onion goes down to pass a little first

The 2nd pace

2. is in come down to put Xianggu mushroom to go down to break up fry, put underwater to go a little while

The 3rd pace

3. water left to put beautiful food, shrimp. .

The 4th pace

4. is boiled a little while a little, Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Put ground rice. Hurry up ripe put chopped green onion

The 5th pace

5. has been done, finished product

Fry ground rice, it is the characteristic austral Fujian fastfood, it is the cooked food that the masses likes. Advocate expecting is ground rice, try the vegetable such as Gao Li dish is fried make and become. Bright generation has the case of ground rice export. It is one of rice lines that take door going abroad the earliest not only, and very tall reputation is enjoyed in southeast Asia market, it is the outstanding gust in Fujian food culture fastfood delegate. Good in quality and cheap in price, renown raise global, particularly place of abroad countrymen residing abroad loves. People beauty its name is ” promote change ground rice ” .

What is the practice of soup of the ground rice austral Fujian?

The process that make:

One, immerse ground rice with Wen Shui, take out drop to work, day lily, dried, Xianggu mushroom immerses with water.

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2, the section after bubble of dry Xianggu mushroom is soft, cabbage, 1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Onion, carrot, celery cuts strip, steaky pork flay also cuts strip.

3, skin of the egg that make: An oil is brushed inside boiler, enter egg fluid, rock bowl makes egg fluid bespreads boiler bottom, caky later search an area again decoct a little while, egg skin is good with respect to booth. Egg skin cuts strip to reserve.

4, steaky pork and salt are put inside boiler, fry fleshy stir-fry before stewing an oil, wait for the surface to have golden yellow rejoin green garlic, Xianggu mushroom, day lily, dried shrimps, yellow rice or millet wine is fried sweet. Put conflagration of cabbage, carrot, attune to explode again fry. Join next often smoke, unripe smoke break up fry even, add ground rice, salt, black peppery and ceaseless break up fry purify moisture, put skin of onion, celery, egg, onion paragraph break up fry even but.

What is the practice of soup of the ground rice austral Fujian?

Suit the acerbity hot ground rice that the person austral Fujian has most

Material: Ground rice does bubble soft filter, fat Niu Qie is chip, spend clam, bean sprouts, dried, bacterium of bright stay of proceedings, chili, onion silk, green paragraph, jiang Pian, garlic piece.

Flavoring: Soup-stock 3 rice bowl, cooking wine one big spoon, soy one big spoon, vinegar one big spoon, plain flavour red oil one big spoon, a few of salt, gourmet powder.

Practice: Ground rice immerses overnight ahead of schedule cold water, boiled water is heated in boiler, join ground rice to thoroughly cook, incidentally scald irons small greens, immerse next reserve in cold water.

Had cut the thing in burden respectively, the code is entered dish in, the thing in condiment mixes divide evenly, taste comes to quantity him basis, those who like acid is much add vinegar, like salty Duojiasheng to smoke with salt.

Bowl bottom adds sweet green to break first, caraway is broken, garlic is broken, rejoin mixes the condiment of divide evenly, irrigate hot thin soup, the code does the ground rice of water and green vegetables into drop, put acerbity beans part again finally, silk of hot pickled mustard tuber, benevolence of young soya bean, fry earthnut to break, white sesame seed can.

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