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Cough actually this symptom is not a kind of disease, it is human body shows expressional a few symptoms in cold time place only. Mean the word of thoroughly eradicative cough so, want to treat the disease that causes cough first. Bovine oil fruit in last few years also more and more get everybody’s welcome, not only because the cattle is fat the mouthfeel of fruit is very good, and rich protein is contained a lot ofin bovine oil fruit. But the person is in the process of cough, can you still eat bovine oil fruit?

 Can cough eat bovine oil fruit

Fruit of a few edible ox oil when the proposal coughs. Bovine oil contains a lot ofnot E of protein, vitamin, cellulose, saturated fatty acid, natrium, Potassium, magnesium to wait for nutrient composition if really, it is fruit of a kind of high heat energy, have the effect of constipation of energy of compensatory human body, prevention and cure. Cough can use up human body a large number of energy, bring about human body resistance to drop then, defecate not the expression such as free, edible ox oil can complement effectively if really bowel of human body energy, embellish is aperient. But bovine oil contains many not saturated fatty acid if really, andForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Grease flavour dense, cause abdominal distension, disgusting, inappetence easily to wait, suggest a few edible cattles are fat if really.

Of bovine oily fruit have a way

Bovine oil is called by person of a lot of abroad again actually if really avocado, it is the fruit with very high value of a kind of nutrition, a lot of foreigners like to eat bovine oil fruit very much. And, the mouthfeel of bovine oil fruit is very good also, at the same time its having a way also is varied. Below, will discuss oil leaving a cattle carefully to be able to eat directly if really this problem.

Fructification is drupe, pit of pear form; , peel, persin of toxin of a kind of heart and vessels is contained in leaf, it is a kind of natural fungusShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Toxin, do not have apparent harm to growing up (children and pet have noxiousness) , the seed is very big, in the center of grow in fructification, the diameter makes an appointment with 3 ~ 5 centimeters. Nutlet oil content 8% ~ 29% , its abstraction oil is a kind not dryingShanghai Long Feng forum

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Oily, not excitant, acidity is small, emulsification hind can be saved for a long time, outside dividing edible, also be advanced protect skin to taste and one of raw material of Spa.

 Can cough eat bovine oil fruit

Avocado fructification is the fruit with very high value of a kind of nutrition, contain a variety of vitamins, rich fatty acid and protein, the content such as sodium, Potassium, magnesian, calcium is high also, nutrient value and butter comparative, have ” silvan butter ” beautiful praise. Dish and can also can be made outside dividing unripe fruit edible.

Bovine oil can eat directly if really, cheese pear sliver, the flesh of fruit of butyric shape can get after take out seed. Cheese pome flesh is exquisite and soft, do not contain candy component, taste so rise without sweet taste, bring an egg slightly sweet, need normallyNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Want to join the edible after condiment is handled. The raw material that makes it and milk juice or make it salad and sauce together is very good, the simplest having law is to drench directly go up honey, wear with spoon dip eat; orLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Section dips in garlic Chengdu sauce, local color is distinctive, be known as the mouthfeel that has raw slices of fish meat.

 Can cough eat bovine oil fruit

Bovine oil can be eaten raw if really, so bovine oil can have directly if really, the nutrient value that has directly is very high still. Resemble above those who mention in that way, the edible method of bovine oil fruit still has a lot of, but these are basic the place that also is foreigner understanding, the relation with us is not too big actually. To bovine oil nevertheless the development of fruit understands, still can have profit later to ours.

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