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Much bursa is ovarian often can cause the hormone inside female body and hormonal change. If androgen increases, hair grow in quantity, muscle forms speed and process change, the absorption of weight and use up can produce change, form fat disease finally. Much bursa is ovarian and integrated the cure that ask for and lose weight have very big concern. Can improve a disease after reduce weight sometimes. So, how does the patient with much ovarian bursa reduce weight best?

Much bursa is ovarian how to reduce weight best

Give the much bursa friend that need reduces weight the proposal of a few easy implementation:

1, staple food pays attention to collocation of degree of finish, and area of rice of essence of life does not have suddenly suddenly, eat 1~2 to pause everyday thick food grains other than wheat and rice and potato kind. Can cook, the means such as the congee that boil, OK also a coarse food grain is fine do, for example the Dou Ting such as cake of noodle of food grains other than wheat and rice of steamed breads of all sorts of flour made from various kinds of beans of make it of miscellaneous beans pulverize, steamed bread of corn, make it, flour made from various kinds of beans is good. Degree of finish is tie-in not only nutriment is supplied increase, full abdomen sense is stronger, be helpful for improving insulin sensitivity namely again (the problem that insulin of existence of friend of very great bursa resists)

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2, vegetable capacity is sufficient. Reduce weight to suggest to raise vegetable with much bursa commonly, recommend at ordinary times everyday vegetable 300~500 gram, should eat more now enough, had better achieve a jin. It is OK also to can be eaten raw ripe eat, crucial quantity can be overtaken go. Especially bottle green vegetable should have a dish everyday. Remember a fruit cannot replacing vegetable, the fruit contains sugar the volume is higher, be inferior to vegetable actually by integrated nutrition and sanitarian value.

Much bursa is ovarian how to reduce weight best

3, best give up drops sweet food. No matter reduce weight,recuperation of food of much still bursa recommends the food of tall fiber, low candy, sweetmeat full abdomenFall in love with the sea

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Density of sense poor energy value of tall, nutrition is low, do not suit to eat.

4, the flesh kind adjust scale appropriately, piscine shrimpFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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, birds flesh > red meat. According to statistic, most Chinese eats red meat flesh of over fish shrimp, birds this kind of plain boiled pork, and the volume of red meat recommends a quantity easily more than, and the quantity of plain boiled pork and frequency second do not follow to go up. During at least much bursa, red meat suggests to decrease. On one handSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Red meat often saturated and adipose scale is tallish, on the other hand red meat eats too much go against us to improve the condition with disorder hormone, go against much bursa improvement.

5, big legume suggests to eat. What big legume points to is soya bean, lima-bean, black soya bean these a few kinds common. Not only nutrition is good, protein and boardShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Feed fiber, mineral etc content is high, suit to reduce weight eat. And contain plant estrogen, be helpful for improving the issue with much bursa small estrogen, corresponding bean products is helpful also. Stew soya bean, soya-bean milk, A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Beans of skin of bean curd, beans, accept, jellied bean curd, eating form is OK not stick to one pattern, eat everyday.

Much bursa is ovarian how to reduce weight best

6, reduce mental pressure, smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, little alcoholic drink, little coffee. (If do not have better)

7, have a meal to be able to pay attention to moderately orderly: Every time first vegetable, the flesh / soja—Staple food. Abide by probably below, while such small doohickey is avoiding quantity of heat to exceed bid, still can eat balancedly.

8, satiate had eaten a circumstance to fall to hold to motion everyday. The motion having oxygen that reduces sedentary, right amount rule (go quickly for example or canter, at least 30~40 minute / day, every week at least 5) , also be effective method.

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