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The method that needs to have science regards reference as do sit-ups. Because a lot of circumstances fall, a few people cannot master accurate athletic method, there is the effect after was being done not only so. And what also can affect people is healthy, won’t prevent the happening of the disease at the same time. Doing everything need to have skill, because so OK very of save labour. What is but how do situp of _ of sit-ups save labour,crash skill?

How to make sit-ups save effort

Sit-ups skill

1, pure support situp can achieve local gymnastical result only, what be aimed at directly because of sit-ups is abdominal muscle group, the effect that takes exercise for a long time may make abdominal muscle strength is strengthened, but the body is other place, wait like ham, hip those who get take exercise less. So, want an attention the a bitth should mix sit-ups namely other fitness way is efficientShanghai Long Feng forum

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Ground union rises, ability achieves the perfect result reducing weight of the body.

2, both hands across is held in the arms at the bosom before, when sitting since, controlling let abdomen send force. Perhaps increase difficulty, both hands runs a heavy thing, exercise the effect in order to increase. is not sit-ups is done fast fierce.

3, the direction that should lie since control as far as possible, not deviate is linear, and speed wants rein in, will exercise abdominal sarcous to control capacity, had better feel condition of abdominal sarcous movement attentively when rise.

4, rate is appropriate rein in is to conduce to those who exercise the effect, but if rate is too slow, the effect instead not beautiful. And the most correct rate, should be the speed that rise a few fasterForum of Shanghai noble baby

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, the speed that go down wants rein in some, such effects are best.

How to make sit-ups save effort

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Double leg bend one’s knees, lie on the ground, in a way of or so foot is apart, step and shoulder are the same as wide, coxal, hind waist, back, bladebone, two shoulders all as complete as the ground joint, the arm bends ancon, two tactics is held in the palm fall in the head, elbow is pressed below past ground as far as possible, open pectoral outline adequately.

Head upgrade is admired slightly case, the place of back above leaves the area, drawing progresses the muscle between bladebone, tighten up chin downward at the same time, the line of sight hopes to go up to abdomen, maintain this pose leaving the ground 4 seconds, lay down again next, repeat 2 times.

Attention: Must not put the finger across of both hands at the head from the back, lest exert oneself to do sth. when pull cervical muscle, and this also can reduce abdominal sarcous workload.

How to make sit-ups save effort

The advantage that take exercise

Increase abdominal sarcous power, what sit-ups uses is lumbar force, accordingly its are the muscle power that can exercise one individual abdomen, exercise abdominal to promotion force for a long time to have certain help, still can let muscle group become more develop, its still can decrease abdomen, if can cooperate other sport having oxygen, the effect reducing weight that arrives since is bigger.

Benefit moves at intestines and stomach, when doing sit-ups, adjust good breath, conduce to the peristalsis of exciting intestines and stomach, inside facilitating eduction body fecal, reach scantyShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Connect the air inside intestines and stomach, have certain help to preventing constipation.

Can reduce abdomen and groin, when we are doing sit-ups, it is to be able to stimulate groin, the blood that improves abdomen circulates, and can the muscle of drawing north, can exercise a balance not only, also can get taking exercise on harmonious sex, can solve problem of department of gynaecology and the immune force that promote oneself effectively to the female.

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