Understanding ” alloy equips 5 ” players know, in ” alloy equips 5 ” in have famous ” the world that do not have a nucleus ” conceal ending, need solution of whole world player to spark besides his nuke ability. This year some earlier moment, this one ending sparks accidentally on PC edition, although the players on Steam platform are done not have at that time complete ” the nucleus is smooth ” . And this one ending also sparked in lead plane edition first recently. According to the report that issues several days ago, in christmas that day, should make the lock is solved in on Xbox One edition first degrees, spark in PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 edition subsequently, now version of day PlayStation 4 managed this one success finally also. Kelemei stops those who offer nuclear fierce statistic to update before a few months, because this still is not clear about at present,be what was brought about a few days short inside reach quickly. The player that has Japan also begins to begin to investigate this one issue.

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