After brief expectation, we were greeted in not long ago eventually ” keep watch pioneer ” short film of the 3rd animation is living. Claver says less, what see black lily and hunt sky together is wonderful right definitely.

In ” keep watch pioneer ” in the world, science and technology has developed a robot to have the rate of self-awareness, so we just can see a robot becomes political chief, and still be worth black lily to seek killed political leader. But somebody demotes to be held in both hands naturally with respect to somebody, have in the advocate of this robot ” keep watch pioneer ” hunt of fascia young woman is empty. Be in one time after dogfight, be black lily after all does successful hunt reduce a goal or does hunt sky prevent her successfully? Sell close child, him everybody goes disentombing.

Last carry, ” keep watch pioneer ” become warped in what because surprise individually,expunged hunt sky the other day buttock movement, but in this video we saw hunt is empty for many times not only that sexy curve, still black lily is proud then body appearance of the person. Do not know these players are met again really why idea ah. . .

” keep watch pioneer ” will be in on May 24 put on sale, the country is taken can be in at the appointed time the line on synchronism. Mean take as the point of departure the player of this game can consider to buy the origin of 198 edition or it is the luxurious edition of 328.

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