Free power the film ” American header 3 ” recently exposure blueprint of a group of concepts, in the graph detailed solved soldier of day of American header, winter, panther the modelling of a few leading role and dress design, free power be worthy of is cartoon company one’s previous experience, make even notional blueprint so elegant, can treat as completely caricature will sell.

The effect setting that a few Zhang Dongbing hassle still released in this group of graphs pursues, still have the picture of disintegrate of wintry arms arm. Power meeting is overflowed to release artistic picture album after predicting, these pictures can be collected among them.

” American header 3 ” mirrorring in global heat in the center, the whole world accumulates booking office to already amounted to 700 million dollar, film is fair on May 6 mirror, this still is less than the time of a week, break the 1 billion issue that looking is time only.

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