On June 5, game of submarine of imitate of much person science fiction ” Barotrauma of Qian Yuan disease ” land STEAM上海千花网论坛

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On May 9, 2019, fakefish and Underow Games announce Daedalic Entertainment of publisher of German hamburger – and independent development business today, they get play of expectant submarine of imitate of much person science fiction fully ” Qian Yuan disease ” will land Steam Early Access(Windows PC on June 5, 2019, mac and Linux) . ” Qian Yuan disease ” can expedite those who amount to 16 players defend 2 Europe Luo Ba in wood underwater is itinerary, over you are met the marvellous spectacle of the star outside discovery and horror, lead all sorts of submarine systems, get in outer ministry and in-house danger hard live. Click watch relevant video: Https://space.bilibili.com/95281942/channel/detail? Cid=66856
Sail in be full of ocean of bizarre biologic chill, explore extraterrestrial relics, with the sailor collaboration finishs voyage job. The sort with him responsible choice runs complex system together with other, include nuclear reactor, firearms, engine and sonar among them. Repel adverse an eccentric person, sealed and deadly radioactivity leak, and the sailor escape by the skin of one’s teeth of virus of the star outside imbue. But want to notice: Some menace want than what you imagine close. Traitor mode is option of game of a many person, can allocate a player to serve as a secret randomly conspiratorial, the individual task of the themselves that finish, if assassinate,mix destroy.  Mix in excitement frisky between sway, ” Qian Yuan disease ” the disorder that can give yourself be full of imagination through using toll-gate generating program create and complete Mod support. Game character: The submarine with ● complex control manages and make a system, in order to be in Jupiter is the biggest one of satellites live in Ouluoba’s chill. ● is in the game of collaboration of 2D much person that is full of adrenalin with amount to 16 players collaboration. Perhaps betray your sailor and bury them in frozen graveyard. . . . . . ● exploration fills different race life, remains and the capacious ocean with other secret risk. ● 6 kinds of parts: Personnel of submarine captain, engineer, machinist, medical personnel, assistant, security. The toll-gate that ● program founds and incident did not repeat completely. ● becomes maker of an eccentric person: Transform game through Steam atelier, found oneself submarine, demon, toll-ga阿拉爱上海同城

te, it is even outside astral biology, for other player download is the game that all platform are released and develops high quality about Daedalic Entertainment Daedalic Entertainment. This company has the battle array of diversity, offer all sorts of high quality play, arrive from classical adventure strategic game, online game and part act much person game. Have many 80 stuff, developing a series of new play at present, includ爱上海同城论坛

e leader, PC and floating platform. In the AAA game that atelier makes, have RTS group ” A Year Of Rain ” (PC) , and ” ring king: Murmur ” (much platform) . ” A Year Of Rain ” combined a lot of and classical element, be like base construction and overall story activity, and the hero plays a way for oriented game for center and group. ” ring king: Murmur ” it is game of venture of a motion, the station is relating the story of murmur in the point of view that 上海千花社区

never has seen on any story media, at the same time faithful at J.R.R. Hold the legend composing of Er gold in the palm. Daedalic headquarters is located in German hamburger, it is Europe’s most welcome publisher and one of development business. Award shares German developer 32 award (include many ” year atelier ” award) with award of game of 11 Germany computer, use at ” Deboniya ” , ” Ai Dena and Harvey ” , ” become silent ” , ” shadow tactics: The general’s blade ” , ” age of Temple o上海贵族宝贝

f God ” , ” endless road coming home ” and ” volitional country ” , daedalic is Germany the game award of two the most negative great reputation record holder. About FakeFish Ltd. FakeFish Ltd. It is an independent game atelier that obtains special honour repeatedly, be located in Finnish Tuerku, make the game that develops PC platform and floating platform without suture with Undertow Games. Group by the industry senior personage and new blood are comprised, was full of the new play concept of innovation. Current, development group is about to pass roll out PC game first ” Qian Yuan disease ” the Early Access platform that understands Steam deep.

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