The Chinese UniCom A that stopped a card temporarily early in the morning on April 5 with harbor announce in succession that evening, chinese UniCom group is planning and advance begin with mix change relevant major item, this heavy big item with A Chinese UniCom (namely harbor control a partner) for platform, the likelihood involves UniCom A share is fluctuant matters concerned. UniCom A continue to stop a card. Harbor on April 6 answer card. As first 6 mix the o上海夜网论坛

nly telegraphic company in changing pilot center look forward to, of Chinese UniCom mix change plan to get attention fully.

Not come singly but in pairs, change to mix together pilot one of near future of haing cable group also plans the major item that involves report of beautiful of the *ST below the banner. *ST beautiful report accepts about chief on the discretion when card newspaper interviews expresses: We are not clear also specific it is to include to breath out electric group inside major item, still be in only appear on the market the major item of company level.

Last year, be sent to change appoint include the first batch to mix transform pilot company (nucleus of group of Dong Hang group, UniCom group, southern electrified wire netting, haing cable, China is built, in boat group) already signed up for send mix change plan; Nowadays, the company appears on the market to stop a card in succession below division of two pilot groups, whether adumbrative move is mixed change pilot program hopeful to get concentrated written reply to a subordinate body?

Look forward to of 6 pilot center is mixed change take a step

On March 31, national hair changes appoint Liu He of vice secretary of leading Party group, vice director is chaired hold appoint inside conference of reform special subject, the conference points out, want according to perfect processing, aggrandizement incentive, outstanding advocate the course of study, requirement that improves efficiency, exert oneself has stressed mixture system of ownership reform is pilot, as soon as possible give an official implements pilot plan, materiality pace is stepped in the domain such as electric power, oil, natural gas, railroad, civil aviaton, telegraphic, war industry, form a batch of typical case, form can duplicate propagable experience. Hair change appoint vice director Lian Weiliang emphasizes on the meeting, want to hold plan, discharge schedule, strive for accomplish 5, all newspaper gave reform program June, second half of the year comes on stage carry 爱上海龙凤419桑拿


The personage inside course of study points out, nearly two months, the state-owend enterprise of the domain such as electric power, oil gas, railroad, war industry is mixed change will carry in the round fast, and hair change appoint clear 6 center look forward to is mixed change hopeful of pilot program near future to accelerate give an official. As forestall domain center look forward to takes the lead in capturing a title, drive ground of type of fan out from point to area state-owend enterprise of other decisive sphere to mix change.

This among them, chinese UniCom can is again mix change pilot pioneer. Hair change appoint give out the earliest mix change quickening signal is in September 2016 end, hair of the country when those changes appoint hold special subject to meet, state-owned company mixture system of ownership reforms research deploy pilot and relevant job. Subsequently, appear on the market company China UniCom on October 10 announcement, at present UniCom group is studying and discuss mixture system of ownership to reform executive scheme, its become on field of A stock market first public exposure to mix transform pilot evolutional company.

Last night, uniCom harbor farther exposure, uniCom group is planning and advance develop the major item related to mixture ownership reform, this heavy big item drafts with UniCom A the company is platform, the likelihood involves UniCom A the share of the company is fluctuant matters concerned.

UniCom is mixed change to want how to be mixed after all, whether to say to bring BAT to become a shareholder like hearsay place? Will to the industry pattern have He Ying to ring again? Have telegraphic industry senior research personage to going up card newspaper reporter expresses: UniCom general in order to introduce professional work complementary degree of tall state-owned capital and partner of civilian camp strategy are main way, but predict to at present won’t BAT becomes a shareholder. Many UniCom personage thinks, mix the main chance that changing will be big changeover of position of company implementation industry this.

Outside dividing UniCom, other mix change pilot center look forward to to also begin somewhat movement. The reporter notices, on March 14, 2017, haing cable group and general and electric (GE) heavy-duty light machine is joint-stock the project signs an agreement, advance heavy-duty gas turbine to consider to make in what Chinese mainland changes jointly. To this, net of officer of haing cable group releases a message to say, this is the overall disposition that haing cable group develops mixture system of ownership to reform according to the country, executive transition upgrades, the significant move of structural adjustment strategy, it is the important way that pushs the strategic act such as mixture ownership reform.

In the meantime, chinese nucleus builds mix changed to also open serious breach. This year on Feburary 28, nuclear new energy resources invests limited company in (new energy resources of the nucleus in abbreviation) mixture system of ownership is reformed first shareholder plenary meeting is held in Beijing. On the meeting, each Oriental delegate signed company rules jointly. The reporter notices, appear on the market company Anhui irrigation works (Anhui state-owend enterprise) , industry of Kang Yuan drug (civilian look forward to) also be in partner a list of names posted up, hold occupy score to be 16.65% , 5.55% .

Not only such, on March 10, river river share is in new 3 board hang out one’s shingle, become Chinese nucleus to build employee of core of the first implementation inside group system to hold what finish share-holding system to transform is new 3 board hang out one’s shingle enterprise, mark group company deepens reform to work to obtain a breakthrough again.

In addition, group of Chinese shipping industry is initial already also put forward to mix change way, namely first choice is in pure civilian article, emulative strong business field, introduce capital of all sorts of system of ownership.

7 big fields are mixed change itch to try

In fact, besides afore-mentioned pilot center look forward to, the state-owend enterprise of 7 big fields already was in mix change the itch to try on the job. The上海龙凤论坛sh1f

reporter notices, in mix change method to go up, choice child the enterprise is pilot mix ch爱上海同城

ange, realize equity diversity, or tear apart appear on the market, classification appears on the market, become the standard option of a lot of enterprises.

In telegraphic domain, besides UniCom, yang Jie of Chinese telegraphic president, CEO was in a company recently 2016 money year outstanding achievement is released on express, level of Chinese telegraphic group has not undertake system of ownership is re上海千花网交友

formed mixture, studying affiliated company level mix change 爱上海同城

an opportunity, include Internet company to introducing inside the partner of all sorts of types holds open manner.

In civil aviaton domain, southern aviation on March 28 announcement, the partial core content that the company already cooperated with respect to potential major strategy with American aviation is reached consistent, include a company to issue H to American aviation share, this means civil aviaton domain to mix change to be carried further fast. Before this, dong Hang introduces Da Meihang to be strategic partner with the knot that carry Cheng for nothing early or late, and hold with across of aviation of peaceful of Hong Kong country already country boat, announce with Han Sha aviation group signs course affiliation cooperative agreement.

Meanwhile, of the domain such as oil, war industry mix correct advance actively. President Wang Dong enters Chinese oil to expressed on news briefing of 2016 year outstanding achievement recently, the company will ask to advance according to the country mix change. Yang Hua of secretary of president of head office of Chinese marine oil, leading Party group puts forward, want to introduce strategic investor according to disparate industry property and characteristic exploration. Formulate of group of Chinese weapons equipment mixture system of ownership of war industry company reforms pilot and initial plan, decided 4 pilot units, be in appear on the market in be being carried out in company Chang’an car, tall canal is held pilot etc.

In electric power domain, chinese report builds group president Yan Zhiyong to express, the choice has conditional increment or put an amount (project, enterprise) , introduce overseas investor, executive equity is bought.

In railroad domain, zhou Zhiliang of president of Inc. of signal of Chinese railroad communication puts forward: Should in order to recombine, accuse, the means implementation such as share, joint-stock, collaboration actors or actress by force combination, powerful powerful combination, accelerate push mixture ownership reform, exert state-owned capital leverage adequately, attract many society capital be used for me.

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