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ccuse Hangzhou of the company that brush a quantity again does this company brush a quantity for drama of some movie and TV cogged origin: ?  Qiang?2017-08-16 09:20 Http://www.mnw.cn/

For absorbing gas, many video websites not hesitate heavy gold buys drama of newest heavy pound movie and TV to broadcast authority, for instance ” people’s name ” , ” Chu Qiao is passed ” , ” happy eulogy 2 ” , ” the counsellor of Si Mayi of main forces division is allied ” etc, begin from 2015 however, drama of movie and TV brushs quantity phenomenon to become more and more serious, love is strange nowadays art move once more, told a company that brush a quantity the court.

Love is strange art the company brushing a quantity that what sue this is a Hangzhou, think its brushed quantity behavior to encroach its to close right increase, make unfair competition, claim for compensation 5 million, love is strange nevertheless art disclosing this f爱上海同城手机版

irm is to be drama of that movie and TV to brush a quantity. Before this love surprises art had brushed quantity behavior to undertake hitting to this kind, established what 100 people control to oppose cogged group even, the whole thing also discover and sued many companies that brush a quantity.

Love is strange art an epitome that the theatrical work of movie and TV that attend encounters brushing a quantity is whole industry only actually, in other video website, the circumstance that brush a quantity also exists more or less, and brush the main target of the quantity is instantly commonly to explode drama of paragraph movie and TV. Be in early this year in April, 爱上海同城对对碰

when CCTV reports industry of movie and TV sows data of to the limit of one’s capacity to make a holiday, mention, the company that brush a quantity quotes show in the watch, discharge can be brushed in platform of much home network. Among them, surprise in love art brush discharge 40 yuan 10 thousand, 15 yuan are in website of some portal video 10 thousand.

CCTV returns a report, heat sows drama ” 3 unripe sansei 10 lis of peach blossom ” achieve the entire network of 30.9 billion to broadcast a quantity, and the quantity is broadcasted to increase inside a day of time 1.4 billion. No matter men and women is seeing play,this means 760 million netizen, and everybody is at least two. Call-over besides CCTV ” 3 unripe sansei 10 lis of peach blossom ” , before long playwrite barks Hai Lin sent a message on small gain before: The ox forces, whole world lactation kind animal, look only ” Chu Qiao is passed ” ! Matching a plan is this drama piece just announce ” Chu Qiao is passed ” entire network broadcasts a quantity to break through 40 billion.

Think to this somebody, this it is certain to broadcast a quantity to exist rationality of a few, because c上海千花网交友

urrent video website is general,existence broadcasts a quantity to repeat calculative feature. For instance video broadcasts a half to break a line to hook up again continue to broadcast calculate twice broadcast a quantity; Or the cent day that a few audiences see the half feels tired to plan to will be remained or look a few times, so a video has twice even more broadcasting that the quantity is a likelihood; Still have even if the switch between different platform is watched also can contribute broadcast a quantity additionally, in PC for instance end looks tired turn and use mobile equipment to look on the bed etc.

Love is strange nevertheless art CTO Shang Xing expresses, the behavior that brush a quantity has a few striking features, the time that keeps after every time order programme namely then has a few seconds only, repeat dibble seeding to make more dibble seeding amounts ceaselessly next, basically be the operation that the instruction turns, it is normal person behavior far from.

As to about a hundred of 100 million broadcasting a quantity how to many have is to brush a quantity to bring, the statistical method with very at present reliable neither one, because brush quantity technology to be in,progress ceaselessly, they become in the action that allows their ceaselessly rationalize, but if we are transverse,do a contrast to be able to show among them issue more probably.


lboard of magazine of American authoritative music released the visit on Youtube history to measure top video before this, ranking first is Korea god music ” Changjiang Delta Style ” , although rank the first, but release to now from 2012 ” Changjiang Delta Style ” accumulative total broadcasts a quantity also is 2.794 billion nevertheless, ranking second is ” speed and passion 7 ” in, already died for souvenir the song of actor Paul Walker ” See You Again ” , broadcasting a quantity is 2.546 billion. Under photograph comparing, first by ” Chinese film reports ” the investigation that have points out, drama of movie and TV ” Gu fragrant do not admire oneself ” came 23 days one day on Feburary 22 this year only between, in the order programme of the website the quantity jumps 1.4 billion; In addition Fang Jinceng of playwrite the Song Dynasty points out, ” 3 unripe sansei 10 lis of peach blossom ” 33 day, 58 collect, 30.9 billion entire network was created to s爱上海同城对对碰

ow record of to the limit of one’s capacity when receiving an official, achieve the breathtaking discharge that passes one day to broadcast a quantity to be defeated 1.5 billion times during broadcast.

Probably some people can say China is population big country, it is possible that one day broadcasts a quantity to defeat billion, but have a problem cannot of oversight is, of work of each movie and TV getting numerous group is relatively finite. Use Youtube likewise ” Changjiang Delta Style ” , ” See You Again ” will contrast, what they face is come from the whole world suffer numerous, from body want for the quantity bigger, should create taller sow record of to the limit of one’s capacity, but combine time span to look, of drama of certain movie and TV of they and home sowing difference of to the limit of one’s capacity is not a tiny bit, audience of even if China can be watched on Youtube ” Changjiang Delta Style ” , also will surely not come 100 million times hundreds of from 2.794 billion hurricane quite dibble seeding quantity, so cardinal number of opening of choose and employ persons explains these days measures dibble seeding number more or less appear a little far-fetched.

Brush the purpose clearly of the quantity actually, it is a square hope through extremely tall broadcast a quantity to explain work of some ministry movie and TV provides a person to enrage extremely, attract more person to come round to watch thereby, this is run in the commerce of each domains in also be a kind of commonly used method, again thorough ground is told, that matters to the interest of all related sides namely, also be love to see and hear to certain video platform even, be in at least inside certain limit brushing a quantity should be acquiesced in.

Nevertheless the behavior brushing a quantity nowadays grows in intensity, this had broken the ecological balance that watchs experience and video website, energy of life of such as person and work of movie and TV pledge the quantity becomes inverse ratio spit groove increasing, video website place does not hope to see this, much to having sort and for the video website of the natural resources of movie and TV with substantial amount, hope each resource can attract enough audience more, is not to be centered in the work of movie and TV of some type, resource of this follow-up to video website movie and TV broadcasts authority to buy, big data statistic and other investment activity all produced adverse effect, I wish love to surprise art can let these brushing this measure action to brushing those who measure a company to sue somewhat convergent, return the market a fair competitive environment.

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